Motorola DECT bugs fixed with release 1.3.20

A recent update to the operating software (1.3.20) for those using Motorola’s DECT handset on the UK’s Orange network appears to have revealed some shortcomings on this particular Droid handset. For starters, the first claim is that improves battery life.

This TechEye hack thought it was his fault that the handset seemed to last for less than one day on a single charge and had been experimenting with turning facilities off such as Bluetooth, Wi-fi and GPS.

But this update seems to point to the fact that there was something generally wrong with battery life. Now if you go to setting and examine the ‘Battery life’ profile, you’ll discover that there are now three options: – Performance, Smart and Battery Saver mode.

Another interesting ‘improvement is that version 1.3.20 claims to offer better call handling so that it “Consistently notifies you when a new call is coming in – reducing missed call notifications.” So that’s why we missed so many calls.

Another pertinent upgrade is that the new release “Provides faster GPS performance for applications like Google Maps, geo-tagging of photos and other GPS functions (SUPL).”

We’re not exactly sure how those GPS fixes will manifest themselves but the geo-tagging of photos looks well worth investigating.

Given that Google is behind the Android OS anyway, it’s no surprise to find that 1.3.20 will also install updated GMS Google apps like Maps, Talk, YouTube and Market. That should be interesting.

The last improvement is probably the most fascinating. There’s now a SIM Card management option amongst the standard apps. This enables users to import, export or delete contacts individually or in groups from and to the SIM card.

This goes half way to improving user control of the handset’s addressbook. Techeye still reckons the Motorola Phone Portal is the way to go on this. We still haven’t found the right version of the Motoconnect Windows driver to make it work properly via USB, though.

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The really curious thing is that only the Chinese Android web sites appear to have picked up on the benefits of this release.

So  the best source of info on this new release can be found on this Chinese web blog here.