Moto X will get Android 4.3 eventually

While Motorola aims to be on the cutting edge of the Android OS, it did not seem to be in any hurry to get Android 4.3 under the bonnet of the new Moto X.

Launch models were all based around the earlier flavour of the OS, despite the new version having launched.

There were some fears when Google bought Motorola it would give it favoured status over other hardware makers and allow it to put newer versions of Android in its phones before anyone else. This time, it appears the company will be as slow as the next guy.

Google introduced Android 4.3 last month alongside a new Nexus 7 tablet and it has been rolled out to the Nexus and other Google Play Edition devices.

There have been some questions as to why the Google-owned Motorola had not released its Moto X with Android 4.3.

Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirmed that the Moto X buyers will get an Android 4.3 OS update soon after it hits the streets.

However, Woodside said that the company had run out of time as it got to production. He did assure that the device will get the update and Motorola is making it a priority.

According to All Things Digital, he added that Motorola was pretty good at updating and had done so with 85 percent of its devices released over the last two years.