Moto Phone Portal is hidden treasure for Droid

It seems that Motorola’s Moto Phone Portal is not only a hidden treasure but is frequently believed to be a virus. What it actually offers is a great way to manage Motorola’s Android handset – the Droid (or DECT as Orange UK calls it) from a PC.

This TechEye hack had been driven wild by a problem he first identified back in November 2008 – try searching for Fiddling with Android does your brain in.

The root of the problem is that when you export contacts from a Nokia handset as a csv file using Nokia PC suite, it creates huge problems with Google.

Import that file into Gmail and instead of all the telephone numbers transferring smoothly, they all end up in the ‘Notes’ section where they are next to useless.

Frustratingly, TechEye found what purported to be a conversion app which is aptly named ‘Nokia2google’. It can be downloaded from here. Efforts to contact the author to see why it doesn’t work have so far failed.

Searching to see if it was a virus, Techeye found references to a utility calling itself PCSync which utilises an executable starting with PCCD. Now that is a virus.

But there were also mentions of the Moto Phone Portal in the blogs. This appears to be a utility written by Motorola for the Milestone but it works with the Droid/DECT handset too.

If you search for the PesonalPortal .apk file, you should be able to find it because Motorola appears to have quietly killed it. The latest version of Moto Phone Portal should work via Wi-fi or USB.

There’s references to this app working in conjunction with Motoconnect (which is a utility that comes with the official Motorola Media Link). Which is why this Techeye hack is convinced it isn’t a virus.

The USB link didn’t work with the Droid but the wi-fi link certainly did. And suddenly you have access to all the handset’s data which you so desperately needed.

In our case this was the ability to edit the handset’s own addressbook. It allows you, for example, to select different ring tones for the important people in your addressbook. Fab.