MOSAID buys Core Wireless, gets 2,000 Nokia patents

Core Wireless Licensing has been bought by MOSAID, which will, at a stroke, acquire a portfolio of around 2,000 wireless patents and applications originally filed by Nokia.

Core will remain as a subsidiary of MOSAID.

The patents in question are a mixed bag but cover GSM, UMTS/WCDMA, and LTE as well 800 wireless implement patents.

It’s quite clear what MOSAID will do them. John Lindgren, CEO of the company said: “This…will drive significant revenue growth and shareholder value over the next decade, and will create exciting new opportunities for MOSAID as one of the world’s premier licensing organisations.”

He said the portfolio was one of most essential wireless collections and MOSAID will be able to monetise it. It is funding the acquisition based on future royalties from licensing. Core will take one third of these revenues and enforce the licences through litigation, if necessary.