More than a third of US adults download mobile apps

Complete connectivity is already on the way for the majority of people in the US, with over a third of US adults downloading applications on their mobile phones, according to a new report by Pew Research Centre’s Internet & American Life Project.

The survey, which asked nearly 2,000 people, revealed that 35 percent of adults in the US downloaded apps on their mobile phones. Considering that the smartphone craze has only recently caught on, with many older mobiles unable to download apps, it’s just set to grow and grow.

However, only 24 percent actually use the applications they’ve downloaded, which means that 11 percent just downloaded them for the sake of it. 13 percent paid for apps, but that number is likely to rise as the app market continues to boom.

Of those who downloaded apps, it was revealed that there was an average of 18 apps downloaded per person, with most downloaders being young educated males with plenty of money lying around.

“This is a pretty remarkable tech-adoption story, if you consider that there was no apps culture until two years ago,” said Roger Entner, co-author of the report. It is particularly striking considering the app market has blossomed during one of worst global recessions in history.

A whopping 76 percent of mobile users use the camera on their phones to take pictures. 72 percent used their phones to send or receive text messages, which means that taking photos is actually a higher priority than texting for many people.

38 percent of people access the internet on their phone. 34 percent play games on their phones, while 33 percent use their phones to listen to music.

The report highlights how a lot of people like to have more functionality in a single device, explaining the recent surges in the smartphone market, particularly with Android’s debut. .