More than 100,000 Android applications are available

Google’s mobile operating system Android has just passed its first major milestone with more than 100,000 applications available in the Android Marketplace.

The announcement was quietly leaked to the world with a tweet from the Android Dev Twitter account which simply said “One hundred thousand apps in Android Market.”

The search giant recently expanded the Android Marketplace to 20+ countries in an effort to kick start developers into making software for its gizmos.

Applications are the key to unseating Apple from its throne as Smartphone king. About the only thing that Jobs’ Mob can claim that sets it apart from Android is the 280,000 iOS applications that you can download for the iPhone.

Those applications are censored by a perfectly normal team of fundamentalist Christians, retired colonels, nuns, and people who wash their hands before washing their hands. Android applications do not suffer so much from this problem.

Android’s main problem is that it has grown so fast that there has been fragmentation of the operating system across hundreds of devices. Applications which work on some machines will not work on others.

However, at the current rate of growth this will even out and as the numbers of Android phones over takes the iPhone the number of applications will soon follow.