More alarm bells ring over iPhone 4

It seems that the software geniuses at Apple are challenged by the software to manage a basic alarm clock. Over New Year Jobs’ Mob flagship toy seemed to suffer a New Year hangover.

According to multiple users who have been moaning through Twitter, on New Year 2011 the iPhone alarm clock didn’t work properly.

While some would say this is fair enough given that no one functions particularly well on New Year’s Day, given that Jobs touts his software as the best in the universe and that only “other software” users suffer from bugs, we don’t feel that we should give him any leeway.

Particularly since this is the second time his programmers have been unable to master something as basic as an alarm clock.

Last year Apple’s iPhone had a similar bug when daylight savings time kicked in. However after New Year’s 2011 iPhone alarm clock bug just refused to do recurring alarms.

Those who set their alarm to wake up this morning using iPhone’s built-in alarm clock application will find it will not go. Apparently to avoid the problem you need to set a recurring alarm by tapping repeat to select the days you want the alarm to go off on.

The bug applies to iOS 4.2.1 only or if it affects past system versions too. Testers at the appropriately named Nine to Five Machave noticed that the problem fixes itself today we don’t know if that will be too late for those who have to get up early to deal with Network South East on their first day at work. Fortunately for them, today is a Bank Holiday so most will struggle in tomorrow.