Mobile technology retailers need RIM delays

Retailers trying to sell Blackberry phones need more time to get ready, claimed Research In Motion’s new marketing chief.

Frank Boulben, who has been handed the poisoned chalice of trying to make the Blackberry popular again, has been spinning so fast that he is starting to rip a hole in the space time continuum.

Part of his problem is that that the next model of the Blackberry has been delayed and by the time it hits the shops it will be as up to date as a Spinning Jenny.

However Boulben thins that the delay in the launch of the new generation of BlackBerrys until next year will give retailers more time to focus on the revamped smartphones once they hit store shelves.

The flaw in his logic, of course, is that retailers are not spending their time ramping up to the Blackberry launch and are actually spending their time shifting to something more Androidish which can make them money.

Boulben insists that missing the crucial Christmas shopping season was not a death blow to RIM.

He told Reuters that the short delay is not detrimental if the quality is there when we launch early next year.

Being in marketing he said that he will have to do lots of things like “focusing” and “leveraging” carriers. Although it is not clear why this will do much.

He is the second RIM executive who has been trying to talk up RIM’s poor performance.

CEO Thorsten Heins penned an opinion piece in the The Globe and Mail where he said that there was “nothing wrong” with the company.

Being a CEO, he did not leverage, but apparently will “empower people as never before.”

He claimed that RIM was not a company at the end, but a company at the “beginning of a transition that we expect will once again change the way people communicate”. Normally when people say that they do not mean a move to Chapter 11.