Mobile startups get their own Oscars

TechEye attended the Telecom Council of Silicon Valley’s Spiffy awards Thursday night, and by golly gosh, were they Spiffy. Well, relatively Spiffy anyway.

Attended by such heavyweights as AT&T, Verizon, BT, HP, Intel Capital and others looking to find that killer app or awesome infrastructure they just must have in order to make even more money, the event was also upbeat despite the dire economic climate for small startups.

“Silicon Valley is not dying, it’s just changing,” said Liz Kerton, of the Kerton group, who also happens to be the President at The Telecom Council.

“The days of 20-30 million dollar investments may be over, but there are still plenty of angel investors willing to put up two to three million dollar investments,” she said optimistically.

Kerton praised the entrepreneurial valley mentality of “information sharing, not information hoarding,” claiming that this was one of the things which gave Silicon Valley startups their strength and resilience during the tough times.

“People here are not afraid to fail,” she said.

Collecting an award for “most successful SPIF Alumni,” a representative for 4Home, which connects all one’s devices into one big digital happy place, added that while it was true “we’re not scared to fail, we also like to succeed.”

Meanwhile, Social CRM firm Lithium Technologies walked away with “most innovative startup” award, with its rep noting “this is thrilling. I thought the gift bags would be the highlight of the evening, but I was wrong.”

Cool Iris, which makes 3D photo display apps won the award for engineering excellence, Micro Power,   which makes tiny ultra low power supplies won for “most disruptive technology” and Funambol which can synch any device to the social networks via the cloud won “best communication solution.”

In terms of the best fixed telecom opportunity, the edge went to Edgewater networks, whose CEO proudly declared “we like pushing packets around.”

The somewhat depressingly taglined Gogobeans won best mobile opportunity for its management of “digital life from the cradle to the grave”.

As for most supportive carrier, Verizon was voted head and shoulders above the rest, a blow to bitter rival AT&T, but at least AT&T was nominated unlike the likes of T-Mobile.

Oh well, you win some you lose some. There’s gotta be an app for that.