Microsoft's Window open to Nokia Door

Ovi means Door. Windows means Windows. Microsoft opened the door for Nokia and now it’s going to chuck it out the window. But that’s not what Nokia says – and there is proof in some developer team’s pudding.

All of Nokia’s Ovi maps is heading over to Microsoft, everywhere. At Nokia’s bizarre playroom in the basement of its headquarters, a spokesperson told us that in terms of assets coming from Nokia to Microsoft, it’ll be “mapping and navigation.”

We know its cars have been doing mapping for Bing already, to peek into your Windows.

“Nokia has been investing significantly and will be utilised broadly. Across the entire Windows Phone platform.”

Will it be rebranded as Bing? “We will bring Nokia’s maps into the Windows Phone. Calling it Bing is still under discussion.

“We will provide the platform for a broad… all the Microsoft touch points. There are always discussions about the time frame.”