Microsoft's project Pink delayed

A piece of hot gossip has just reached our ears from sources close to Microsoft, regarding the firm’s upcoming-and-supposed-to-be-a-big-secret Pink phone.

The Pink has already had its picture surreptitiously taken and spread across the Internet like a viral plague by the likes of mighty Gizmodo et all, but we here at humble TechEye hear the launch has now been postponed. What should have emerged at CeBIT will now not emerge at CeBIT.

It seems there have been “issues with the European models and roll out,” and the release date is now looking to be more of a Springy April than a snowy German March. 

The delays are apparently not due to the phones themselves – which are finished and ready -but the result of ongoing negotiations with the various carriers over subsidies (or not), data plans and carrier selection. Seems everyone wants to sink a piece of the Pink, but Microsoft is being selective. 

Our sources also tell us that what Microsoft really wants is a great big hyped up launch of its own to rival the near hysteria brought on by the recent iPad Apple-fest. 

Microsoft has apparently decided that, like Apple, it doesn’t need someone else’s gig as a spring board and plans to hold its own simultaneous events in both the USA and in Europe, where Ballmer will try to out-moses Jobs in a biblical showdown over a little piece of techified plastic. 

TechEye was also boastfully told by its sources that Microsoft would be investing “BIG” as in millions of dollars big.

Recession and pink slips be damned.

Oh, and from what we’ve been told, the US carrier for the Pink is going to be Verizon, whilst it’s looking more than likely that Vodafone will seal the deal in the UK. You can see what Gizmodo has got by clicking on this link.