Microsoft's Ballmer admits Surface sales not that great

The shy and retiring CEO of Microsoft, Steve “there’s a kind of hush” Ballmer, has quietly admitted to a French newspaper Le Parisien  that sales of the Surface have been “modest”.

Microsoft released its Surface tablet running Windows RT and Ballmer had told the world+dog that the tablets would sell like hot cakes. This view was buoyed up by the Surface’s good reviews.

Without announcing any figures, Ballmer shyly admitted that Surface sales were modest.

Despite all this modesty, Steve Ballmer has not given up on his vision to boldly go where Apple has gone before. Indeed he has a plan to release a “higher-end” version of the product  – Surface Pro running Windows 8  which has a higher-resolution screen and powered by a new Intel processor.

He also believed that Windows Phone 8 volumes will “ramp up quickly” which is identical to what he said about the Microsoft Surface.

It could mean that our Ballmerspeak interpretation program is on the blink and when we type in “ramp up quickly” it should be saying “slow death resulting in my resignation”.