Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 to launch next week

Microsoft is expected to announce  Windows Mobile 7 at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week.

According to rumours, site PPCGeeks was able to get its hands on a list of details about the new smartphone OS at the weekend.

On the list, a new Zune-style interface is said to be included, codenamed Metro. This is based on Silverlight and will have multi-touch and other gesture-related features. Browsing is said to be faster than Apple’s iPhone 3GS.

Although the new UI is described as clean and “alive”, multitasking will not be possible, with background processes going ‘on hold’ or pausing. Flash will also not be ready for the launch.

Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 OS is expected to integrate with the Zune platform, replacing Active Sync, and have other social networking features and full Xbox integration built in.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 was released last October to less than lukewarm reviews. From this weekend’s reports, Windows Mobile 7-equipped phones are expected as early as September 2010.