Microsoft will make $94 billion on "Google" patents

Google told a court that Microsoft will make more than $94 billion by using Google’s patented wireless technology.

Michael Dansky, an expert for Google’s Motorola Mobility unit, told the last day of the patent trial that the $94 billion figure included a wireless adapter that Microsoft no longer sells.

Microsoft declined to comment on the figure.

According to Reuters,  the trial looked at how much royalty Microsoft should pay Google for a licence to some of Motorola’s patents. Google bought Motorola earlier this year for $12.5 billion.

It wants $4 billion a year for its wireless and video patents, while Vole thinks that $1 million a year is a nice round figure.

At stake is also the power of Motorola’s patents to protect Google from similar spats with its rivals.

Apple and Microsoft have been taking on Google and its chums, like Samsung, which use the Android operating system on their mobile devices rather than have that nasty problem where they have to compete and make better products.

Dansky told the court that Motorola’s video patents were crucial to Microsoft and other tech companies, and deserve a high royalty.

It would be difficult to sell smart phones or tablets without Motorola’s technology, he told the court.

The court is not expected to release a ruling for several weeks as both companies must file further legal briefs.