Microsoft wants to stick NT on mobiles

Microsoft is working on a top-secret research project that could see Windows NT appearing in mobile devices.


According to ZDNet the top secret project is codenamed Menlo and aims to replace Microsoft’s Windows CE with Windows NT in mobile gear.


The boffins behind the Menlo project are currently developing a new graphics platform, codenamed Experiment 19, to complement Menlo.


But what about Windows Mobile 7? Well, it appears that Redmond is using Menlo as its development tool for Windows Mobile 7, with many research documents mentioning the link.


One of the boffins has been named and shamed as Rubin Olinsky while the other is Galen Hunt, the man behind Microsoft’s Singularity research project.


Hunt’s LinkedIn profile says: “Recruited researchers and engineers to build the MSR Operating Systems research group. Co-lead two of the largest cross-group research projects in MSR’s history: the Menlo and Singularity projects. Menlo combined OS, UX, and applications research to explore the future of computing when mobiles becomes users primary PCs. Singularity combined language, tools, and OS research to determine how to build more reliable systems and built a new OS from scratch in managed code. Managed cross-division relationships with product groups and relationships with key hardware partners, negotiated production of custom phone prototypes, designed and implemented major kernel and OS components, implemented runtime and compiler features, and wrote code for demos.”


Integration with Windows 7 also suggests that Menlo will come in use for Microsoft’s Zune music player, which will be integrated into the Windows Mobile 7 OS.