Microsoft to take over Nokia again

A persistent rumour that Microsoft is going to buy Nokia has emerged again and like Count Dracula it is proving difficult to kill.

This time Vole is supposed to be in talks with Finnish phone manufacturer Nokia with the intention of buying it out in the early parts of 2012.

The speculation has been around since the two tech giants joined forces to produce a series of Nokia branded Windows Phone 7 handsets. However, a proposed buyout has been denied by the companies involved.

Nokia’s Doug Dawson, when asked about the latest whispering, said he thought he had put the rumours to bed a long time ago, tucked them in and read them a bedtime story.

The rumours seem to be coming from Tech Radar which said that Dawson would probably say that.  He said it to us at Nokia HQ earlier this year. After all, it is not the first time that a company has done one thing after swearing blind they were doing another.

That is true but is really a “Life of Brian” style of rationalisation – “Only the true messiah would deny that he was the messiah”. Only a company that was negotiating a merger would deny they were doing it.  So Nokia and Vole can’t win on this one.

In fact, Microsoft has no earthly need to merge with Nokia now that it has the multi-billion dollar partnership it wants. It would also not be particularly good at running it even if it did take it over.

While many see Steve Ballmer’s CEOship as a train wreck, we doubt very much whether or not he would be that dumb.