Microsoft to release Pink phones next week

Software giant Microsoft is going to release its “Project Pink” phones early next week.

The mobile phones are to be flogged in the US by mobile operator Verizon Wireless. They are being targeted at heavy users of social networking sites and so will probably aimed at the young who like that sort of thing.

They looked to us like an updated Sidekick device and are to be made by Sidekick manufacturer Sharp.

However,  don’t expect them to be called anything to do with pink. That is pretty still much a colour for girls, sources inside Redmond have been leaking. Of course they could have marketed alongside Pink Floyd which is not girlie, however the yoof targeted in Project Pink are too young to be able to spot a Dark Side of the Moon reference so it is fairly pointless keeping it.

Actually the leaks have been taking place ever since Microsoft sent invitations to media to attend an event in San Francisco next Monday.

Actually Project Pink is not high on Microsoft’s mobile agenda. It is still mostly focused on Windows Phone 7 as it hopes to claw back some of the market share it is losing in the smartphone market.