Microsoft to release one-handed keyboard

With its fingers on the pulse of the internet, software giant Microsoft has decided that what the world needs is a one handed keyboard.

An image has appeared online that could suggest a one-handed keyboard option may be coming to Windows Phone 8.

Sadly it appears to be just for a mobile phone which means that its use to the cyber sex market is limited.

According to WMPoweruser, an image of the Windows 8 phone shows that it will have a curved keyboard that makes it possible to type with one thumb.

Apparently the keys will be more reachable when a Windows Phone is held in your right hand and the keyboard buttons have been grouped together.

Interestingly it uses those old methods of typing SMS’s which have gone the way of the Dodo since the development of touch screens. While it is possible to type with just a thumb it takes some training.

There is no proof that the keyboard will be used by Microsoft. It might even just have been leaked to see if anyone wanted it.

If it does appear it will be on the Windows Phone 7.8 or Windows Phone 8.