Microsoft targeting WebOS developers

Software giant Microsoft has been targeting WebOS developers who might be a little worried about their futures after HP pulled the rug on the project.

Microsoft has been offering webOS developers “what they need to be successful” on its own Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft’s Brandon Watson is apparently offering phones, development tools, and training were all on offer to webOS developers looking for a new platform to code for.

According to Ars Technica, the approach has been paying off. Watson claims to have been overwhelmed by the response.

More than a 1,000 webOS developers have got on the blower to him. The only stipulation is that the developers must have had their applications published in webOS’s App Catalog which narrows the field a lot.

However Watson has been successful in his recruiting efforts on other operating systems. His scalps have included high-profile developers such as the iPhone jailbreaker George “geohot” Hotz. Watson has also offered Windows Phone hardware to celebrities that have slagged off their iPhones or Android handsets. Sadly nothing has been sent here.

Dilbert author Scott Adams was given a Windows Phone, with Watson promising to make a $1,000 donation to a charity of Adams’ choice if he didn’t like it. Fortunately Adams did.

According to one former WebOS developer we talked to, Microsoft has a lot to offer over HP. He said that there was practically no backing from the maker of expensive printer ink.

“There were no users either so we were never sure if our app was rubbish or just no one had seen it. In the end we decided to shove our resources into Windows and the iPhone. Looks like we made the right decision.”