Microsoft sued in the bathroom and the bedroom

Microsoft is being sued in a Florida district court with claims that it infringed copyrights by using elements that used creative content from a company called Cellrderm. 

Cellrdem is also suing Microsoft’s advertising agency with the unlikely name of Crispin Porter and Boguskey.

In the filing, Cellrderm says that it markets a “novelty cellular abuse aid” called Cell-R-Derm.  It made two adverts called “In the Bathroom” and “In the Bedroom” in its own words demonstrating the effect of mobile phone overuse.

They are quite funny. But Cellrderm doesn’t believe that what Microsoft has done is funny. Microsoft released two adverts called “Bathroom Really” and “Bedroom Really” in association with the product launch of Windows Phone 7.

You can judge for yourself because all four adverts are on Youtube:

Cellrderm In the Bathroom

Microsoft Bathroom Really

Cellrderm In the Bedroom

Microsoft Bedroom Really

Cellrderm alleges that it sent a cease and desist letter to Microsoft and its agency on 20 January 2011 which both ignored. It wants a jury trial and Microsoft to disgorge any profits it made as well as damages for infringing its copyright.