Microsoft shouts WOA! from the rooftops

Principal Analyst at Moor Insights & Strategy, Patrick Moorhead, has explained some of his initial thoughts for Windows On Arm. That’s WOA. Not WOAH. Yet.

Moorhead agrees that the experience is going to be very different. WOA is expected to deliver a decent user experience on Metro apps, because they will be more simple apps as already found on phones and tablets today. Metro pauses tasks in the background so the lack of performance in the background is hidden, Moorhead says, but “WOA Desktop could be another story entirely unless MS has rewritten Office to require less resources”.

Of course, says Moorhead, “the WOA experience at this stage of development is far behind x86, which makes sense because x86 has a 10 year head start”.

Moorhead expects developers to be attracted to WOA devices because many will want to bet the farm in participating in the new markets which will emerge, like on tablets, phones and future consoles. He thinks Visual Studio will be a good tool for both Metro on ARM and for x86.

Analysts jumping the gun and heralding the death of traditional computing – as many frothed it would when the tablet trend exploded onto the market – should simmer down. “Short term,” says Moorhead, “I expect PC buyers to wait and see”. Enthusiastic tablet buyers will give WOA a chance at launch.

Moorhead previously predicted that rich apps on ARM are going to present an interesting conundrum. Particularly as it’ll be so difficult to get legacy apps going. 

For the full nitty gritty, Wired has run a great in-depth article here, and Windows division top dog Steven Sinofsky has written a veritable essay on his blog, here.