Microsoft reports 80,000 more Windows apps

In the week before the Windows based Nokia Lumia 900 and HTC Titan 2 are given to the great unwashed in the US, Microsoft has been flat out getting developers to stick apps in its Windows Phone store.

More than 80,000 application submissions have been shoved into the Windows Marketplace. This is small fry compared with Android, with its 450,000 apps, and iOS with 550,000, but still better than Blackberry and the dying Symbian, both with 70,000.

Microsoft can be happy that there are 340 new apps added every day in March and with the Lumia 900 due to hit American developers in serious numbers in April and May, Forbes is expecting that number to reach up towards 500 per day.

Nokia is desperate for its Lumia 900 to do well and justify killing off Symbian and moving its shop entirely to Windows.  

Microsoft is playing the longer game here. It wants everything to be ready for Windows 8 and it should have more than 100,000 apps by May, which means it is ready for the big time in October when Windows 8 is with us.

It will still have an uphill battle, but it might just pull it off if reviews for Windows Mobile 8 hold up.