Microsoft readies Windows Mobile 7

In a return to Catalonia, Microsoft is set to announce Windows Mobile 7 at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona on Monday.

One famous feature of Barcelona is a statue of Christopher Columbus but he’s not pointing to the west but to the east. Because that’s why he tipped up in America, to get to China. It was an accident he ended up there.

According to Bloomberg, Microsoft will show off its new interface for Windows Mobile 7 – and that will look a lot like the interface for its music player, the Zune.

It has also started getting interested in hardware and will create so-called “reference platforms”- an idea that’s familiar to Intel customers. The whole world is changing.

Microsoft has never really had much of a market share in the mobile phone space – market research figures show it only has around 10 percent of the marketplace, while Apple has around 14 percent.

Google Android is also a nagging worry to Microsoft. Handphone makers don’t necessarily want to be part of Microsoft’s global dreams of software hegemony, in the same way that telecomms companies don’t want Intel butting into their space.

We will have a reporter at the WMC next week – Sylvie Barak. Lucky her.