Microsoft readies its smart watch

Microsoft researchers are flat out trying to create a new watch to make sure it’s ready when Apple and Samsung release theirs.

According to the Independent, Redmond’s crack team of Surface employees are testing a prototype smart watch constructed from aluminium oxynitride.

Aluminium oxynitride is ‘transparent aluminium’, three times harder than glass and would probably help Vole get some of that “cool factor” it’s usually missing.

The ceramic was first mentioned in a Star Trek flick where it was used to save a whale.

The Independent claims it is $20,000 per square metre so it is not clear how Vole has cheapened the production.

The Vole has been talking about a smart-watch since April when it contacted Asian electronics suppliers to order 1.5-inch displays.

It is expected that the watch will support a modified version of Windows 8. The toy is said to include fast mobile connections via LTE and connect to the cloud to provide much of Microsoft’s services.