Microsoft plans heavy push on Windows 7 mobile

After sitting back on the mobile front for a few years, Microsoft says that it is planning a big push for its new Windows 7 mobile OS.

Apparently Redmond has a short period of time to whip up a frenzy in the lead up to the main shopping period and is going to spend a fortune on advertising.

Several carriers have signed up for the launch  with handsets from different manufacturers.

Aaron Woodman, director of mobile communications for Microsoft said that Redmond will “heavily market” the devices.

Woodman told Dow Jones Newswires that the marketing will have to be loud to have a sizeable presence in the holiday season.

Redmond scrapped its mobile platform and starting with new software, which is more Zune-inspired interface that the company feels will better fare against smartphone heavyweights such as Apple and Rim. It is hopped that this will reverse its sinking fortunes in the mobile market.

Woodman added that it will be a long competitive battle with a lot of strong competitors.