Microsoft partners ignore Mozilla

Microsoft’s moves on its Windows 7 Mobile to prevent the OS from supporting native code development might have miffed Mozilla, but apparently it has kept its own partners happy.

Mozilla has decided not to support Firefox for Windows Mobile 7 because of Redmond’s decision.

While such a move would be bad in the PC market it is less important in the mobile market where there is less of a browser war going on and punters tend to buy what they are supplied by the telco.

In this case Redmond’s partners are going on record to say that Silverlight say it’s plenty robust enough to do all they want.

Scott Stanfield, CEO of Vertigo Software told CRN that Silverlight uses the out-of-browser style that was introduced in Silverlight 3. This means that the action in Windows Phone 7 won’t be around the browser, but the applications.

He said that Mozilla wants is a native, C++ style, traditional API connection to the phone. But partners aren’t asking for this.

Developers prefer programming in managed code because it’s faster, more convenient and offers better security.

Silverlight is based on .NET, developers can reuse desktop application code in Windows Phone 7.

Microsoft is thinking of allowing native access to Adobe in order to bring Flash Player 10.1 to Internet Explorer Mobile on Windows Phone 7 devices, but since it is a rival with Mozilla there is no need to let it in.

Who says that Microsoft is all nice these days?