Microsoft man wears Pink, talks Pink, Nvidia

Robbie Bach, head of MS gizmo division, unveiled stuff with Verizon and Vodafone. The gruesome device is called Kin. As in Thick and Thin, and the Kinnells of Ruislip.

It uses the first generation of Nvidia’s Tegra, as TechEye revealed last week.

Bach claimed Redmond talked to thousands of young people to find out what they wanted from their phone. This was Project Muse.

Bach showed a video with loads of youths talking about stuff like Facebook and stuff.

The kids like sharing gruesome stuff, you won’t be surprised to hear. The kids love self expression, said Bach. They love sharing photographs of obese people making fools of themselves.

Microsoft says the kids want a multi-screen life. The kids have high demands from the technology.

Bach believes Microsoft has a phone strategy. Microsoft has created a “deeply social phone”.

Microsoft’s phone links together kindred spirits – geddit?!? –  that personifies true kinship between everyone.  It’s called Kin. There’s Kin I and there’s Kin II. Derek Snyder demonstrated it. It’s quite awful, it’s like a Twitter on the move that, Snyder said, will remind you where you ate a sandwich in NYC and when.

Snyder said Microsoft is a card carrying member of the social generation and it’s got all the data it needs, thank you very much.

It’s all very unhealthy and somewhat unhappy. Social “is the fabric of this experience” and it ships with Zune, god help us. The Kin 2 shoots in HD and it’s all about sharing.

Verizon refused to share the price of the Kin with you all, but said it would be out in May. Bach said Kin software is “couture software”. A young woman told him there was a phone finally designed for her.

Yuk. Basically Kin is an ugly phone to boot, for self-obsessed narcissists.