Microsoft making a new phone

Software King of the World Microsoft appears to have lost patience with its business partners over Windows Phone.

The dark satanic rumour mill has manufactured a Hell on Earth rumour which claims that Microsoft is making a phone on its own.

According to WPCentralMicrosoft has its own Windows Phone hardware in the works.

It has been told that it already exists and is in testing. This sort of thing has happened with Vole before. It gets some hardware into the testing stage and then it is killed off by some other executive who sees their territory being threatened.

However, Vole is planning to release a reference tablet so a reference smartphone also makes a bit of sense.

This is likely to annoy Volish allies, particularly Nokia which has bet the farm on Windows 8 phones after killing off Symbian.

HTC and Samsung are also likely to be a bit grumpy about the move. They have already been shafted by their Android partner Google which has bought Motorola.

Either way Microsoft seems to be saying that either it does not trust its partners, or it is making a bid to push itself into the handset market, if the rumour is to be believed.