Microsoft makes a 'kin price cut

It looks like Microsoft’s ‘kin phones are not exactly jumping off the shelves and it appears that ISPs have ordered a price cut.

Despite being a reasonable phone, and having a huge TV advertising campaign, the ‘Kin has not got much attention from the great unwashed.

It has faced stiff competition from the iPhone and other smartphones, which don’t cost any more per month and offer the ability to run thousands more applications.

This left US telcos with shedloads of inventory which does not look like it will shift any time soon.

Over the weekend, Verizon cut the price.

The ‘Kin One fell from $49 to $29, while the Kin Two went from $99 to $49 which is ‘kin cheap even if you have to sign your soul away for a two-year contract and agree to a $29 or higher monthly data plan.

Redmond is not saying a ‘Kin word lately. At the time Microsoft didn’t expect it to do ‘kin well but it appears it did ‘kin terribly.

There were a few quirks with the phone including a famous one where Twitter users could not twit way to their hearts content. There were also some problems with restarts and battery life.

Redmond will fix some of these problems with a ‘kin update in mid-summer but it looks like most of the users will have drifted off to something more Androidish by then.