Microsoft lures developers with money and training

Developers who are fed up with Apple’s rules on its Wall Garden of Delight, and the chaos of the Android store, are being lured into the loving arms of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 with soft words, training and cold hard cash.

Microsoft has a few problems convincing anyone that it can be taken seriously when it “only has 18,000” apps for its Windows Phone in comparison to the 500,000 on the iPhone.

As one developer told us, while “writing for Apple was like cuddling a porcupine while sliding down a razor blade using your testicles to slow you”, they have been a bit slow in jumping into the arms of Microsoft.

Apparently that is changing. A Seattle developer tells TechEye that it is worthwhile porting your software for Windows Phone 7.

“While Apple treats you as if you are lucky to work for them, Microsoft is clearly very keen,” he said.

Sadly he asked us to keep his name secret because he feared he might be mocked or stoned by Apple fanatics, but he pointed out that working for Microsoft had a lot of benefits.

“If I am stuck, I can ring Microsoft up for help on coding and there is talk of getting heavy discounts on the sales commission on ads placed on the app,” he said.

Cnet has also found that some of Microsoft’s developers are getting special deals and financial help to build their apps.

Brian Hoskins, director of Microsoft’s Emerging Business Team, said that he wanted people to build compelling and successful applications.

He promised that it is possible to make “apps sing”. If you attend special camps you get one-on-one time with Microsoft engineers to help design the apps so that they can squeeze everything that the Windows Phone can manage.

Microsoft has held “Mobile Acceleration Weeks” all over the US, London, Singapore, and Tel Aviv.

It seems that one of the advantages of being behind in the Mobile race is that Microsoft has had to be nice to people, something our Seattle developer thinks would be a novelty to Apple.