Microsoft leaks phone details

Software giant Microsoft has been leaking details about the forthcoming phones it is planning.

While chatting away on the Frankly Speaking podcast, Windows Evangelists Michael Kordahi and Andrew Coates let a few details out about the upcoming Windows 7 phones.

It is starting to look there will be three different phones each with different levels of functionality and cost.

Obviously Kordahi and Coates said too much because the podcast has been pulled.

When we saw it, it mentioned that the first phone will be for PC makers developing “big touch screen” phones. These touch-only devices, with a 1GHz processor which smells like a Snapdragon chip to us, and a GPU.

These are the phones that will be out first at launch this holiday season.

Chassis 2-compliant phones will support real sliding keyboards plus touch. These phones will be more like the Palm Treo.

The only think that they didn’t leak was the details about the Chassis 3 phones although there was some talk about them being “candy bar” phones. There was no indication when any of the last two categories would be in the shops.

The operating system will control everything including the GUI and will not permit any changes. It is not clear how far Windows 7 mobile can be tweaked to fit various hardware configurations.