Microsoft Kin has 15 minute cut off

While Microsoft’s new Kin phones’s marketing threatens that a “Generation Upload” will be able to stay in touch with their friends via integrated, streamlined social networking, actually there are a few downsides to its technology.

Unless you hit a manual refresh button, Microsoft says Kin will only let you stay in touch in fifteen-minute intervals.

Apparently kids of today will only want to stay in touch in 15 minute bursts because they have the attention spans of a mayfly.

The software is tuned to ping Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and Windows Live to grab info from the cloud.

However, according to one Microsoft engineer , it was considered that it was not a good idea to have the device always pulling data from the network. This is mostly because the battery would be flat after an hour or two.

This is actually a subtle form of data throttling and might be a cunning plan to squeeze cheaper data plans out of the telcos.

It means that Microsoft can provide an always-on 3G experience at a price that your average teen can afford with the cash from his paper round.