Microsoft incites iPad murder

The fight between Microsoft and Apple for the tablet market is officially on with Redmond releasing a web page showing developers how to bring down Cupertino.

Microsoft now has a web page that shows developers how to change iPad apps into Windows 8 apps with a Metro style look and feel.

The page says that it wants to help designers and developers who are familiar with iOS to reimagine their apps using Metro style design principles.

To make sure that developers understand why it is a good idea to port their apps, Microsoft points out that successful apps on Windows will make you more cash.

Windows apps will earn 80 percent of every customer dollar after an app makes more than $25,000 in sales. For the first $25,000 of an app’s sales, you get the industry-standard 70 percent.

Porting apps between the two should not be difficult, but the post appears to indicate that Microsoft is counting on developers changing sides and bringing over huge inventories of Apple software with them.

This is not too far from what might happen. Many Apple developers are unhappy with the way the company works and would be happy to port their software over in the hope that Windows 8 will take off.

One developer told us that he already ports his software to Android and it is not difficult to do the same thing for Windows.

“Most of our apps are sold through iTunes. I wish it were not the case because of all the hoops that Apple makes us jump through. If Windows 8 does take off, I will be really happy,” he told TechEye.