Microsoft explains Windows Phone 7 update delay

Redfaced Microsoft has been trying to explain to anyone who will listen why it has been so slow in rolling out the update to its Windows Phone 7.

Some punters have been waiting for ages for the update, which will finally give them the ability to cut and paste.

In a statement, Microsoft said that it was about to hand in the update when it was eaten by a large dog. Sheesh  – who could have thought that would happen?

Actually it didn’t, but the excuse is very similar in that a mysterious third party is responsible and the problem is nothing to do with Redmond.

Joe Belfiore, who is the head of the Volish Windows Phone programme, said he had expected the update to be earlier than now.

He sheepishly told a software developer conference in Las Vegas the company had started the update, but ran into problems on some of the newly manufactured phones that would not function properly afterwards.

While he did not name which manufactures were involved there are so few Windows Mobile 7 phones out there, it could only be Samsung, HTC and LG.

Once the company found the problems, it overhauled its update procedure, said Belfiore.

He felt it was better to be a little bit patient and make sure that when it got updates out that they would happen reliably. Of course that meant that everything was later than an Apple follower who had relied on his alarm clock on the Monday after daylight savings was announced.

Belfiore said he was now “optimistic” that there will not be similar problems with future updates.

He was looking forward to a more comprehensive update, code-named Mango, will be available later this year. We are looking forward to writing our first “Mango juiced” headline.