Microsoft "developed smartphone two decades ago" – claim

Software king of the world Microsoft had a modern smartphone prototype sitting on Bill Gates’ desk nearly 20 years ago.

Former chief technology officer, turned super chief Nathan Myhrvold told Men’s Journal how he tried to convince Microsoft to make the iPhone, basically, more than two decades ago.

In 1991, Myhrvold worked out how a smartphone would appear down to the smallest detail. He said that would be a “digital wallet” that would consolidate all personal communication — telephone, schedule manager, notepad, contacts, and a library of music and books, all in one.

He thought it would record and archive everything and could be in the shops for about $400 to $1,000 retail price.

At the time, though, Microsoft thought that such a toy was too expensive and it did not want to take many risks at that point of its existance.

Myhrvold said that he was still fairly happy about the iPhone thing. At least it meant he was right. He does not need to care much he is making a fortune with his cookbooks, and patent trolling.