Microsoft cries sell out for Surface 2

Microsoft is having another crack at telling the world its latest Surface tablet is a sell-out.

For those who came in late, this is what the Vole told us about its first Surface, something it later admitted was a lie. In fact it was made to look really stupid when the Surface was found to be a huge turkey.

However, a recent tweet from Microsoft’s developer profile shows that Vole is either telling the truth, or has learned nothing from the last fiasco.

The tweet said the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2 tablets are about to become a lot harder to get hold of because both units are already in short supply, and that they’re close to selling out.

When the first Surface Pro hit the market we were reliably informed that it was in very short supply and would sell out in no time at all. That may have been because Microsoft didn’t order many of the things in the first place.

Initial stocks of the Surface Pro were more paltry than a Bernard Mathews’ Christmas dinner.

Unless all the models actually exploded, it should have sold out. This is a trick the Vole has copied from Apple and is designed to create hype where there is none.

In Apple’s case, it usually manages to sell a fair few million on launch day, whereas Microsoft hardware doesn’t. In the case of the Surface 1, Microsoft claimed it had sold out when it hadn’t come close.

The Surface 2 doesn’t look like a bad device. It should do well, but we just find it difficult to believe Microsoft’s tweet machine that it already is.