Microsoft clams up on Windows Phone 7 sales

Software Imperium Microsoft is suddenly getting cagey about its sales of phones sporting its new Windows Phone 7 operating system.

Microsoft executive Joe Belfiore was talking enthusiastically about Windows Phone 7 at the D: Dive Into Mobile conference, but, when asked, declined to reveal how sales were doing.

He told Walter Mossberg that the Imperium was not talking about numbers yet. It’s just too soon apparently.

Belfiore was happy to talk numbers when it came to the number of Windows Phone 7 apps out there. There are 3-4,000 in case you were wondering.

Analysts are assuming that dispute Microsoft pushing hard it is not doing that well.

Ross Rubin, the NPD Group’s executive director for industry analysis, wrote in a Nov. 30 posting on the research firm’s corporate blog claimed that not all the stars are aligning for the Microsoft operating system the way it did for Android.

UK retailer MobilesPlease indicated the smartphones were being outsold by Google Android and Symbian. Some dealers had not even displayed Windows Phone 7 gear.

The Imperium told eWEEK to ask some of the telcos about sales figures. An AT&T spokesperson said that while the outfit won’t disclose specific sales figures, it was encouraged by the early demand from customers in stores and online.

With publicity like that, it would suggest that sales are not going that well. The problem is that the Imperium needed strong sales if it was going to establish itself and take a slice of the market as Symbian slowly dies.