Microsoft and Nokia considered buying RIM

New chums Microsoft and Nokia were seriously thinking of buying the troubled two-headed mobile outfit RIM.

According to the Australian, the three had discussions, informally, you know the sort of thing. Ballmer wears something which is not too flirty, Stephen Elop attends having hidden his wedding ring and the two-headed monster wears its slime fairly discretely.

The Two-Headed Monster was getting lots of lunches this year – Amazon took it out a couple of times before being rejected by either the Balsillie or Lazaridis head.

But it would seem that RIM really can’t afford to play the field much these days. Share have hit multi-year lows. No one wants to date a company and pop around to its place for some romantic paradigm and see someone else’s investors screaming and behaving badly.

The two-headed monster is stalling for time. It hopes that all will be well when it gets its next-generation Blackberry, or giro, depending on who you talk to.

Co-chief heads Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis acknowledged people were hacked off with them and it would “explore a wide range of operational shifts” because a change in shifts always excites people.

One of the ideas it has is that it might look at ways to exploit its proprietary network, although that has had a few problems this year so it might be a tough sale.

There is also talk of licensing its new OS. This could boost service revenue, at a time when RIM’s handset business is suffering from fast-shrinking market share. However, it is a moot point if other handset makers would be interested in RIM’s new OS.