Microsoft and Nokia announce Communicator Mobile, hold hands

Microsoft and Nokia have just announced the release of the Microsoft Communicator Mobile application for Nokia phones.

This comes as part of a new alliance between the two companies from last August as they intend to offer the latest software and hardware in the mobile market.

The new application will enable users to see their colleagues’ availability and click to communicate with them using the best method, from instant messaging and e-mailing to texting and making a phone call. The names and statuses of colleagues are embedded directly into the devices’ contacts application, enabling people to update their own presence, start and join instant messaging sessions, and begin calls directly from the contact card.

Vodafone Products and Services director Scott Petty chimed in to say that “Communicator Mobile offers great potential for our large corporate customer base who have already deployed Communicator for desktop and now are looking to extend that existing infrastructure to mobile.”

The new application will initially be available on the Nokia E72 and Nokia E52, but Nokia plans to have it available for a wide range of other smartphones in the near future, including the Nokia E5.

This appears to be just the beginning for this newfound partnership between Microsoft and Nokia.