Microsoft accused of supporting sexting

Software giant Microsoft has been accused of peddling its Kin phone by promoting sexting.

While Apple has been slagged off purging every item that could be porn related from its iTunes and Applications stores, Microsoft is getting a broadside for going the other way.

The controversy relates to a new Microsoft commercial which some pundits have had to had a cold shower before commenting on.

The advert has a picture of a bloke snapping a picture under his shirt and texting it to someone.

Writing for Consumer Reports’ electronics blog, Mike Gikas observes that Microsoft’s video “comes uncomfortably close to advocating sexting.”

Sexting is when you send provocative snaps of yourself with the idea of attracting a sexual partner. Given that Microsoft is pushing its phone to the social notworking market it is not surprising that this idea should appear, at least as a gag.

If Apple has used a similar idea in its advertising everyone would have talked about how clever and “on edge” it all was. The fact it is Microsoft means that the US press puritans pound away on their iMacs about the lapsing moral state of Redmond.

But then the phrase “get a life” has never been an Apple motto. Sex has been a staple for the advertising industry for years.