MEPs put universal charger pressure on Apple

The European Parliament may force Apple’s hand in adopting a universal charger standard.

A Committee is behind plans to standardise mobile chargers across Europe.

Many smartphones already use the same chargers, but Apple is infamously resistant to getting rid of proprietary technology that locks users in.

Android and Windows Phone devices, on the other hand, ship using micro USB chargers.

Cupertino has even adopted a model where the iPhone ships without a charger, insisting many users already own a compatible power source – Apple only, mind you.

Apple has been given flak for tinkering with its own proprietary standard, having switched to the Lightning connector with the release of the iPhone 5 – replacing the typical 30 pin model that previously worked across most Apple devices.

Although the Committee passed the motion, with 35 in favour, it may not become law. It will “decide later” whether it will begin informal negotiations with the Council.

According to the MEPs, radio equipment devices and accessories such as chargers “should be interoperable”. Doing so would cut both costs and energy wastage for users.