Men fail to bat eyebrows to flirt with women

A study commissioned by ViewSonic has come up with the astonishing conclusion that women don’t flirt as much using mobile devices because they can’t bat their eyelashes via text.

“Women have always been considered the bigger flirts,” according to ViewSonic. A third of men aged between 18-34 said that smartphones make it easier to flirt, compared to 21 percent of women.

According to Viewsonic: “Women flirt primarily by batting their eyelashes, though, which does not translate well in a virtual environment. However men find the Internet a more comfortable environment in which to flirt. The research also found that more than half (53%) of women with a Smartphone or Tablet claim that they do not flirt with the opposite sex at all.” James Coulson, Euro marketing manager at Viewsonic, did not say whether he flirted by batting his eyelashes.

Men, apparently, find it far easier to flirt over the internet presumably because they don’t have the right kind of eyelashes.

YouGov surveyed 2,064 adults in the UK.

A woman called Sharon Kell  said that men are far more into technology and gadgets. “Flirting through a device is seen to be less risky than flirting in person.”  She is the managing director of She did not say whether she flirted by batting her eyelashes.