MeeGo will be dead in eight months

It’s the little phone platform that couldn’t. MeeGoing, MeeGoing, MeeGone. MeeGo, the open source OS with the backing of Intel, won’t last a year, according to MeeGo partners.

A MeeGo licensee tells TechEye there’s no chance for the platform. The 32 dollar licence (Android is $2, Microsoft is $100) is only getting bought up as a way to show and save face, to tell the partners involved that you’re current and as a pat on the back.

According to informed sources, MeeGo will be doomed as soon as eight months from now.

Despite the money thrown at the huge MeeGo developer conference in Dublin last year, where the entire Guiness brewery was hired out, it’s a dead duck. Like throwing money down the drain. The tablet offered to all of the thousands of participants has been described to us as “horrible”.

There is some faith in MeeGo, particularly in Finland. But according to Finnish sources, all the money and all the hype is generated by Intel. Nokia claims MeeGo is still happening but we doubt it’ll be around for much longer without a huge MSFT branded on its bum.

Developers say the real death blow for MeeGo will be Windows 8, which offers some hope as a surprise hit on mobile. It will be available at the end of this year.

Earlier this week Intel’s Mooly Eden claimed the company is still committed to MeeGo.

*EyeSee The Linux Foundation tells us there’s no licence charge.