Mayor of London BoJo says Tube will have mobile phone signal

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson, has revealed plans to install a mobile phone signal on the London Underground, better known as the Tube because when you are travelling in it you feel like you are being squeezed out of one.

BoJo wants the Underground to have a full mobile phone signal ready in time for the 2012 Olympics, similar to his other proposals to have full Wi-Fi coverage throughout London for the big games.

The cost of the new proposal will not rest with the tax payer – Johnson wants mobile phone operators to foot the bill, primarily split between the largest five in the UK: Vodafone, Orange, O2, T-Mobile, and 3.

The plans are still in their early stages and are subject to a number of requirements, both technical and commercial, it was revealed. 

If the infrastructure is not available or too difficult to implement, the proposal will fall flat. If the cost is too high the operators may be unwilling to pay, forcing tax-payers to fill in the gaps..

Transport for London has previously said that having a mobile phone signal underground would not be financially viable, so it remains to be seen how successful that proposal will be.