Lumia would have sold better with Android

Several mobile phone operators have crawled out of the woodwork to say that Nokia’s handsets would sell better if they ran Android and not Windows Phone.

Four European mobile operators interviewed by Reuters claim that the Nokia Lumia isn’t good enough to compete with Android rivals or Apple’s iPhone.

One European operator selling the Lumia 800 and 710 said that no one comes into a shop and asks for a Windows phone

Another unnamed executive said that Nokia hase given itself a double challenge: to restore its credibility in terms of making hardware smartphones and succeed with the Microsoft Windows operating system, which lags in the market.

He claimed that if the Lumia, with the same hardware, shipped with Android and not Windows, it would be much easier to sell

While the Reuters story refused to name any of its sources for the anti-Windows story, it is true that while most operators are offering the Lumia few are pushing them.

They think that Microsoft should be doing the spending on marketing Nokia Windows phones.

Telecom consultant John Strand told PC Pro that Nokia and Microsoft were challengers and they either need to come to market with a really disruptive, innovative product or a huge marketing budget to create client demand. So far they have done neither.