LTE penned in for 3,400 percent growth

It’s another win for WiMAX: analysts are predicting that global LTE subscriptions will enjoy a 3,400 percent boom in growth leading up to 2015.

There will, of course, be regional variations says In-Stat. Technological restraints or a slow adoption rate in certain corners of the world will slow growth slightly, but overall the prognosis is good. Though the still-growing 3G will maintain its position as the dominant way to access mobile data, for 4G services LTE is the clear-cut winner in the near future. Over half of new deployments will be LTE.

Of 3G subscriptions, WCDMA will hold 26 percent, while CDMA Rev B will have the fewest subscriptions. 

Backers of LTE will feel smug in the knowledge that they have picked the right horse. Intel’s u-turn on its WiMAX commitment dealt the technology a severe blow, but some analysts agree that LTE was going to be a more attractive package anyway.

As 4G service availability is bolstered over the next five years, North American FDD-LTE subscriptions should increase about 2,100 percent between 2011 and 2015. The ratio of FDD-LTE subscribers in the region compared to TDD-LTE, says In-Stat, will reach 14 to one. 

2G will begin its slow decline, peaking in 2012 and continuing to trail off throughout the 2011-2015 period.