LTE networks to generate $265 billion by 2016

LTE networks are expected to reach global revenue of over $265 billion by 2016, according to analyst estimates.

The biggest subscribers of LTE will be consumers rather than in the enterprise, says a new study by Juniper Research, but enterprise will make most of the dosh. Early adopters will be the higher end users who will be making the most of the connectivity, both in developed and developing countries.

Premium service tariffs are likely to be a key driver for LTE revenues, specifically in the enterprise space where users want guaranteed connectivity.

Juniper thinks the beneficiaries of LTE off the bat will be high traffic subscribers who regularly use video, web and email services. Network providers are expected to rake in the cash and there are plenty of opportunities, the analysts say, to generate average revenue per user.

By 2016, Western Europe, North America, the Far East and China will be the largest users of LTE – making up 84 percent of total revenue globally.

LTE will quickly take up a sizeable chunk of all mobile service revenues, just over a quarter by 2016.