LTE is transforming the mobile ecosystem

LTE penetration is skyrocketing and although the trend is projected to slow down over the next few years, data consumption and speeds will go through the roof.

A recent report from BI Intelligence the impact of LTE on consumer behavior, device preferences, data usage and pricing. The report found that LTE is about ten times faster than 3G wireless connections and many consumers have faster LTE than broadband access. It seems the survey was focused on the US, since European 3G speeds are somewhat higher.

The report goes on to conclude that the sheer speed of LTE has the potential to transform mobile usage and app capabilities. Aside from bringing HD video to mobile devices, the added speed comes in handy for video sharing, video chat, augmented reality apps, games and practically any bandwidth hungry app.

All this translates into big opportunities for advertisers, through increased engagement and more monetisation opportunities. They will be able to serve more ads, more often, in more locations. Sadly though, this also means that we could see more annoying TV-style ads on our Androids and iPhones.

There are an estimated 125 million LTE users at the moment, up from 27 million in mid-2012. The LTE consumer base is set to skyrocket to 430 million by 2016.