LTE antennae worth $4 billion

technic, funk, man at short-wave receiver, 1961, 1960s, 60s, 20th century, historic, historical, radio operator, radio operatorsThe arrival of 4G/LTE is proving so popular that there’s a fortune to be made out of selling masts and antennae for the global infrastructure.

So much so, that market intelligence company ABI Research, forecasts that the global market for LTE capable antennae will be worth close to $4 billion this year.

ABI thinks that multi-band antennae are the hot potatoes in the LTE bortsch. “Lance Wilson, a research director there, said: “LTE does not have the formal spectrum standardisation of previous air interfaces such as 3G, so multi-band antennae that can operate over a number of different frequency slots offer a solution to the problem of rapidly growing LTE wireless data traffic.”

The cost of active antennae has caused it to have lack of appeal, but the entire supply chain for antennae is “unusual” because of multiple tiers and multiple players.

Wilson said that most vendors are small companies and there’s very likely to be consolidation in that sector.

He believes that LTE capable antennae are responsible for growth the market and that’s going to continue to happen at least for the next few years.