Lodsys goes for Google developers

Patent Troll Lodsys, which has so far been threatening Apple developers for using its technology, is now wading into those making Android software.

The only difference is that while Apple has prepared to take on Lodsys, Google does not seem to care that much and seems to be telling its developers that they are on their own.

According to Electronista, several Android app developers reported getting notices of alleged infringement with a demand that they pay Lodsys cash.

Noble Master Games received one for in-app purchases in its Age of Conquest game. Apparently Lodsys has not been bothering to verifying its complaints, with some developers getting other people’s demands.

Cory Trese told Electronista that Lodsys called and said that they sent him a package of infringement accusations by mistake and that they would like it back.

However Google has been silent so far and seems to be leaving developers to fend for themselves.

This is probably because Lodsys has yet to sue Android app writers. If anything comes to court then Google could show up with guns blazing. Or Google might just leave Apple to sort it out, although that would be pretty evil.